Rebuild Services

Statement of Work

All pumps and blowers are visually inspected during receiving. Any damage from shipping is noted and photos are taken immediately. Upon uncrating a visual inspection of the unit is done and any missing components are noted.

All equipment is torn down completely, including every last nut and bolt. Any damaged parts are noted and photos are taken. Any large failure causing debris found inside the unit is saved and photographed to show the cause of failure.

The paint and oil is removed from all components (except aluminum and some other delicate parts) via a caustic hot tanking cycle. This is followed by an industrial parts washer cycle. Components are then rinsed and air dried.

A detailed inspection is performed where all wear surfaces are measured with calipers or a micrometer and the results are compared to OEM specifications to determine which parts are out of spec and should be replaced. A detailed quote is then provided to the customer showing what, if anything, is necessary beyond a standard rebuild.

Upon receipt of a purchase order for the rebuild, the entire pump or blower is cleaned with an industrial soap and scrubbed to remove all oil residues. Then all machined surfaces are tool polished and finish sanded. Some fittings and fasteners are blasted and/or replaced as necessary.

During pump assembly any gaskets, O-rings, lip seals, mechanical seals, shaft sleeves, sight glasses, bearings, vee belts, clappers, poppets, springs, freeze plugs, solenoid valves, check valves, ball valves and oil flow indicators are replaced. Motor to solenoid valve wiring is done in seal tight when applicable.

At the testing stage units are pre-lubed and filled with new oil. All equipment is then helium leak checked. This is followed by a four hour vacuum level performance test, during which temperature, vacuum level and motor amperage are monitored.

All equipment is repainted with high quality oil based paint in our paint booth and given multiple coats, such that rebuilt equipment is indistinguishable from new. All belt guards, flywheels and pulleys are also painted for prolonged protection. Once dry, new warning and operation labels are then attached as well as an updated serial tag.

Great Lakes Vacuum custom makes heavy duty skids sized specifically to the unit for maximum protection during transit. All equipment is bagged and wrapped prior to being fastened with bolts to the skid and having sides attached to the skid for further protection on its way back to you.


All repairs are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 18 months from the date of rebuild, provided that the equipment is used in accordance with instructions and preventative maintenance requirements as stated in the operating manual.

Additional Repairs

Electric motor repairs (other than bearings), missing parts and additional parts that are not included in a standard rebuild are considered additional and will be quoted in writing for customer approval.  Hot pumps, oxygen service pumps and pump and blower packages require additional parts and labor not included in a standard rebuild.