212J-14 Major Rebuild Kit No Bearings (Clappers)


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This major rebuild kit is used on the Stokes® 212J-14 vacuum pump.

It is not used on the 212H-11 and is not compatible with the newer style poppet valve decks.

(6) GLV-085050357 Lens Retainer Cap Screws*
(4) GLV-085041609 Oil Manifold Block O-Rings
(4) GLV-274172001 Valve Springs
(4) GLV-276781002 Valve Disk Clappers
(2) GLV-085019491 Lock Washers*
(2) GLV-085019492 Lock Nuts*
(2) GLV-085019755 End Cap O-Rings
(2) GLV-085029600 Mechanical Seals
(2) GLV-085050116 Lens O-Rings
(2) GLV-085050117 Side Cover O-Rings
(2) GLV-243926002 Valve Plate Gaskets
(2) GLV-264524001 Woodruff Keys*
(1) GLV-085011247 Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease*
(1) GLV-085013669 Vee Belt Set
(1) GLV-085050115 Stem Valve O-Ring
(1) GLV-085050120 Stem Valve Seal Washer
(1) GLV-085050122 Check Valve
(1) GLV-085050128 Wire Mesh Screen
(1) 085-050-129 Dual Voltage Solenoid Valve*
(1) GLV-085050192 Check Valve Retainer O-Ring
(1) GLV-085050737 Reservoir Cover O-Ring
(1) GLV-085050761 Housing O-Ring
(1) GLV-246763002 Oil Baffle Gasket
(1) GLV-264540001 Laminated Bearing Shim*
(1) GLV-408324005 Eccentric Key*
(1) GLV-TOOL-03  Oil Removal Tool*

* Indicates items that are in addition or enhanced from the OEM kit.

Kit pricing reflects a discount from component pricing.

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